Student Engagement


It is our goal to ensure that students involved with Meridian社区学院 have 一次奇妙的经历. 无论你是在决定上哪所大学的过程中 you want to attend or if you have already committed to becoming an Eagle, MCC has 让你参与进来的事. 

Our effort is to make sure that you have a variety of events to tell stories about in the days ahead. 从电影院的电影之夜到Quave的游戏之夜, to the Eagle Experience and Spring Fest, we want MCC to be memorable for you. Take advantage of these opportunities and be sure to remember that you are currently living 有一天会是什么样子, the good ole days. 充分利用它们. 


MCC有许多对所有学生开放的学生组织! 如果你感兴趣的话 如欲加入,请与十大网赌排行榜工作人员联系. 

  • 浸信会学生会
    Provides Christian fellowship and serves as a Christian witness to the campus and community.

  • 维兹合唱团 & Band
    他们由MCC的学生组成,展示他们的音乐表演才能. Perform on and off-campus.

  • Eagle eSports
    Eagle eSports was organized to provide a fair and welcoming environment for all those 对电子竞技和相关比赛感兴趣. Eagle电子竞技向所有人开放 学业成绩良好的MCC学生.

  • 基督教运动员团契
    Open to all students and athletes to have a time of Christian fellowship and fun.

  • 西班牙裔外展和领导协会
    This organization serves to advance our Latinx community through cultural exchange while building leadership skills and characteristics of successful individuals. 

  • Intramural Sports
    Intramural Sports include 3-on-3 basketball, three-on-three soccer, volleyball, bowling, and many others. 参赛队伍由MCC在校学生组成,男女不限.

  • 常春藤联盟招聘人员
    常青藤联盟的招聘人员是十大网赌排行榜的招聘团队. 学生充当导游 指导,协助招聘活动并代表学院.

  • MCC Concert Choir
    Open to all students who enjoy singing together, socially connecting, and pursuing musical excellence in a diverse community while building memories to last a lifetime.

  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
    PTK是一个面向社区和大专院校的国际荣誉协会. The organization promotes the hallmarks of leadership, scholarship, service, and fellowship. MCC's 当地的分会是Nu Upsilon分会. 会员资格对任何有资格的学生开放 earned 12 semester hours toward an associate degree program at MCC and has a grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale.

  • 学生会总会(SGA)
    Meridian社区学院  SGA was formed to deal effectively with student affairs, develop good citizens through government experience, work with the administration in all matters affecting students' welfare, and direct student endeavors that may benefit the students. MCC SGA向所有注册至少一个学分的学生开放 hour at MCC.

  • 市场推广/科技协会
    This organization is designed to allow students to be academically prepared, community-oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders in various business fields.

  • 餐厅/酒店技术(DECA)
    Strives to develop future leaders in the hospitality area by helping students grow 并发展成为职业经理人. 计划和活动的重点是 关于酒店/旅游业.

  • Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)
    Seeks to bridge the gap between school, community, church and civic activities, and organizations and to help students become functional, productive citizens of their 社区,同时谋生. Phi Beta Lambda提供奖学金,会议, 社会活动,学校活动. 任何学习一门商业或计算机的学生 被邀请成为Phi Beta Lambda会员. Phi Beta Lambda对学生开放 商务、办公技术和信息技术专业.

  • 学生广播协会(SAB)
    这个学生组织对广播专业的学生开放. 它提供了一个实践 在世纪挑战和我们的社区学习广播技能的方法.

  • 幼儿专业学生协会
    This student organization is an educational organization concerned about young children's care and education. 该组织帮助每个人成长为一个专业的工作 with young children.


  • 外科技术学生协会(ASTSA)
    ASTSA promotes knowledge about surgical technology and provides opportunities to develop professionally.

  • 口腔卫生学生协会
    Affiliated with the American Dental Hygiene Association, this organization promotes and sustains dental hygiene practice by increasing awareness of preventing oral diseases 提高公众的整体健康水平. 该组织积极参与 off-campus presentations educating the public in preventive measures and stays abreast of current events in the dental hygiene profession to promote the highest standards in the field.

  • 卫生信息技术协会(HITA)

    HITA promotes Health Information Management's study and seeks to recognize Health Information Management as a community profession while instilling leadership qualities in the HIT student.

  • 美国卫生职业学生协会(HOSA)
    The purpose of this organization is to give students who are enrolled in the Health Occupation Programs at Meridian社区学院 an opportunity to interact with other students in the healthcare field and provide valuable information concerning 相关医疗保健主题. 

  • 医疗辅助技术学生组织

    MATS serves to instill knowledge in medical assisting students and promote leadership MAT学生的技能.

  • 学生物理治疗师助理组织(PTASO)

    PTASO strives to educate the public about physical therapy, provide a source of continuing education for PTA students, and further develop each member's leadership qualities 个人责任.

  • 医学实验室技术学生组织学生协会
    This organization aims to expose students who are enrolled in the Medical Laboratory Technology Program at Meridian社区学院 to the profession of Medical Laboratory Science. Developing leadership qualities and participation in on and off-campus service 十大网赌靠谱平台网站是这个组织的重点.

  • 呼吸护理学生协会(SARC)
    Organization to introduce the respiratory care students to the various opportunities 在这个研究领域中发现的.

  • 美国技能协会美国工业俱乐部
    美国技能协会美国工业俱乐部 develops progressive leadership in Trade and 工业教育学生.

  • 美国卫生职业学生协会(HOSA)
    The purpose of this organization is to give students who are enrolled in the Health Occupation Programs at Meridian社区学院 an opportunity to interact with other students in the healthcare field and provide valuable information concerning 相关医疗保健主题. 

  • 学生护士组织(OSN)

    Open to all students in the Associate Degree Nursing Program at MCC, OSN serves to promote public understanding of the Associate Degree Nurse's role, aid in developing the whole person, and instill the responsibility for people's healthcare from all walks of life.

  • 学生实习护理组织(PN)
    Assists in the growth and development of the nursing profession, leadership, and individual 实习护理学生的责任.


THE DAVID H. Quave学生生活中心

The Quave

The Quave is a 最先进的设施,让学生生活充满活力! 它是……的家 无数的活动为你量身定制,将你与校园社区联系起来. Whether you're gearing up for Intramural Sports, checkout out our Campus Life Events, or seeking a chill spot to relax and connect with friends, The Quave is your go-to destination! 




Brandon Dewease

Brandon Dewease

伟大的未知遇见熟悉的家. 这是两全其美的. 要负责任,努力工作,建立持久的友谊."


Mandy Hurtt

Mandy Hurtt

"MCC has a friendly atmosphere and community that makes you feel like you belong. The college is invested in its students and offers a support system to help them succeed."


Kelli Wallace

Kelli Wallace
Director of Housing & Student Activities

"MCC is a safe and helpful place to make the first step in securing your future. The staff genuinely cares about your well-being and strives to serve you in all ways possible."